Blackjack Variations: Multi-Hand Blackjack Games

Multi-Hand blackjack games are common among online casinos. There is no difference between a standard blackjack game and a multi-hand blackjack game except that the player is permitted to assume the seat of anywhere from 1 to 5 players per hand.

Imagine a live casino table where there are five seats available. The table is empty; a lone dealer standing silently in wait for a player to be seated and strike up a game. You walk over and sit in the first seat, wondering if anyone will join you. Then you think, gee, wouldn’t it be great if I could just toss down 5 bets and play all five hands? Now you can!

Don’t expect to find any multi-hand blackjack tables at a brick and mortar casino though. In a live setting, those seats are reserved for additional players. The reason online casinos can offer multi-hand blackjack games is because they have no limitation on the number of seats they can provide. Whether one person or one thousand people want to play the exact same blackjack game at the same moment, none will be turned away.

In a standard online blackjack game, there are no other players at the table anyway. The only way to participate in online blackjack with other players present is to play live dealer blackjack at an online casino, in which case multi-hand games are not an option; just like in a real live casino.

If you have a particular blackjack variant you are fond of, it may be harder to find it in a multi-hand variety. Not all blackjack games are supplied in both single and multi-hand formats. Microgaming offers the highest number of multi-hand blackjack games; no surprise since Microgaming leads the entire online casino software industry by supplying well over 600 gambling amusements on its ever-growing games menu.

A few examples of multi-hand blackjack games at Microgaming online casinos include Multi-Hand Perfect Pairs Blackjack, based on standard European Blackjack rules, Multi-Hand European Blackjack, Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack and Multi-Hand Spanish 21.

How to Play Multi-Hand Blackjack
Multi-Hand blackjack games are played just like a regular, single-hand blackjack game, except that the player can place a bet on anywhere from 1 to 5 hands. To place a bet, the player will click on a chip size, then the betting circle for the hand they wish to play. The chosen chip will appear in the betting circle. If there is an optional side bet, the player can click on the bonus bet circle for any active hand he wishes to place a side bet on.

With all bets placed, clicking the Deal button will deal two cards to every hand wagered on. Just like a normal game with individual players, the hand on the right side of the table (from the player’s view) will go first, followed by the next hand to the left, and so on until all of the player’s hands are completed. The dealer will then play out his hand according to the “house way” rules. All winning bets are paid, losing bets are collected, and the player may start another game.

Clicking Re-Bet will instantly deal a new round of blackjack, placing the same wagers on the same number of hands, or the player can start over, placing a new bet and however many hands they wish, then click the Deal button to play again.