Advantages of Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most preferred casino games for serious gambling enthusiasts. The reason for its popularity has everything to do with its rate of return. Blackjack is statistically the most profitable game because it has the lowest house edge when proper strategies are applied.

There are certain advantages to playing online blackjack, as opposed to the usual brick and mortar variety. Most of the benefits relate directly to a player's ability to use optimum strategy without being prostrated by casino security for overly profiting. Card counting may not be illegal, but it is frowned upon and has been known to get gambling enthusiasts physically removed from a land-based casino.

It is widely believed that card counting is not an option at online blackjack tables, and if playing against a computer, that is true. The introduction of "Live Online Blackjack" has changed all that. Players are in a real live situation, with a real dealer, via the use of high tech web cams; thus card counting is perfectly accepted. You just have to find a live online blackjack game that does not institute perpetual re-shuffling of the deck.

Strategies in general are a lot easier to use in online blackjack. Strategy charts will tell players exactly what to do in every possible situation to have the highest profit potential with the least impending risk. Serious players have strategy charts memorized, but anyone less experienced is going to need to look back at that strategy chart from time to time. Playing at an online casino means you won't look like a chump for doing it, plus there is no time limit so you can double check the chart before making a move.

The rules, payouts and number of decks used in a blackjack game will have a notable effect on the house edge. The best advantage for the player is to have a single deck of cards in play, with a blackjack hand paying 3-to-2. There are other rules that can help the player, like 5 or 7 Card Charlie, bonus payouts for certain hands (Perfect Pairs, Progressive Blackjack, etc.) Live casinos only provide so many rule variations, while online casinos allow a player to find the best blackjack rules without traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to play them.

Last but not least, playing online blackjack comes with a wider range of stakes. Live casinos may start the bets at $5, $10, even $15 minimum. Online blackjack normally starts at $1, and the tables are never filled. The seats at online casinos are unlimited.