How to Play 2 Ways Royal Video Poker

2 Ways Royal is a popular video poker machine produced PlayTech, a leading online casino software developer. It is roughly based on the traditional game of Jacks or Better Video Poker, but offers an additional top payout for achieving a Royal Flush, in one of two ways. There is the standard Royal Flush, 10-J-Q-K-A suited, called the Hi Royal Flush, and a second Lo Royal Flush, made up of 2-3-4-5-6 suited. Both offer the maximum payout of 4000 coins for a max bet.

PlayTech video poker games also present the Double feature, and a Half-Double feature, on all winning hands. Anytime a player wins any amount, they are given the option to risk their winnings on a double-or-nothing bet, or risk just half of their winnings one a double-or-nothing bet.

Let’s take a look at the basic screen options of 2-Ways Royal Video Poker.

Optional Coin Sizes: £0.05, £0.10, £0.25, £0.50, £1, £2, £5
Coins per Play: 1 to 5
Min / Max Bet: £0.05 / £25
Max Payout: 4000
Lowest Winning Hand: Pair of Jacks or Better

How to Play 2-Ways Royal Video Poker
The first thing you will want to do is choose your coin size by pressing the plus (+) and (-) buttons. Then, choose how many coins to wager, up to a maximum of 5. You can press the Bet One button as many times as needed, then press Deal to start the game, or press Bet Max to bet all 5 coins and deal the cards automatically.

Your starting hand is dealt with all cards face up. Each card has a button on it that says “Click to Hold”. If you click a card, the sign changes to read “HELD”. Every card that says HELD will be kept, while all others will be discarded. When you are ready to discard all un-held cards, click Deal.

Your new 5 card hand is revealed. If the hand has developed into a Pair of Jacks or anything better, you win an amount corresponding to that hand rank’s payout on the pay table. Otherwise, the bet is lost.

All PlayTech video poker games come with a Double and Half-Double feature where the player has the choice of playing a Hi-Lo game to double all or half of their winnings. Every time the player wins any amount, the choice is given. Click Double to risk all of the winnings, Half-Double to risk only half of the winnings, or Collect to skip this feature and keep the current winnings.

2-Ways Royal Video Poker Double and Half-Double Feature
If you choose to play the Double or Half-Double feature, five new cards will be dealt. The first is the house card, dealt face up. You must click one of the remaining, face-down cards to beat the house card. If your card ranks higher, you win. If not, you lose and the game returns to video poker mode.

If you win the Double or Half-Double feature, you are asked once more if you want to play for Double, Half-Double or Collect the current winnings.

2-Ways Royal Video Poker Pay Table
Hi Royal Flush (10-J-Q-K-A Suited)
Bet 1: 250
Bet 2: 500
Bet 3: 750
Bet 4: 1000
Bet 5: 4000

Lo Royal Flush (2-3-4-5-6 Suited)
Bet 1: 250
Bet 2: 500
Bet 3: 750
Bet 4: 1000
Bet 5: 4000

Straight Flush
Bet 1: 50
Bet 2: 100
Bet 3: 150
Bet 4: 200
Bet 5: 250

Four of a Kind
Bet 1: 40
Bet 2: 80
Bet 3: 120
Bet 4: 160
Bet 5: 200

Full House
Bet 1: 6
Bet 2: 12
Bet 3: 18
Bet 4: 24
Bet 5: 30

Bet 1: 5
Bet 2: 10
Bet 3: 15
Bet 4: 20
Bet 5: 25

Bet 1: 4
Bet 2: 8
Bet 3: 12
Bet 4: 16
Bet 5: 20

Three of a Kind
Bet 1: 3
Bet 2: 6
Bet 3: 9
Bet 4: 12
Bet 5: 15

Two Pair
Bet 1: 2
Bet 2: 4
Bet 3: 6
Bet 4: 8
Bet 5: 10

Pair of Jacks or Better
Bet 1: 1
Bet 2: 2
Bet 3: 3
Bet 4: 4
Bet 5: 5