How to Play Aces and Faces Power Poker

Aces & Faces Power Poker is a video poker game popular among serious lovers of personal-play poker games. It is based on the classic game of Jacks or Better video poker, but offers extended bonus payouts for achieving special hands; particularly any Quads made up of Aces or Face Cards.

Because it is deemed a ‘Power Poker’ game, players are able to participate in more than one hand per game. Power poker video games can offer anywhere from 4 to as many as 100 hands per play. Bear in mind you will be paying for each of those hands when you place your bets, of course. Playing at a Microgaming online casino also affords the opportunity to go double-or-nothing on all winning hands, should you wish to press your luck on a quick game of high-low.

The rules and payouts below follow those presented by Microgaming’s version of 4-Hand Aces and Faces Power Poker. The pay table may be slightly altered when playing at other land-based or online casinos.

Let’s take a look at the basic screen options of 4-Handed Aces & Faces Power Poker. To play this game with more than 4 (up to 100) hands, simply multiply the digits below accordingly.

Optional Coin Sizes: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5
Coins per Play: 4 to 20 (1 to 5 per hand)
Min / Max Bet: $1 / $100
Max Payout: 4000 Coins
Lowest Winning Hand: Pair of Jacks

How to Play Aces & Faces Power Poker
Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to select a coin size, then press Bet One or Bet Max to place your wager. Click Deal to start the hand.

The game starts with just one 5-card hand dealt. Select which cards you wish to keep by clicking on them, producing a HELD label across the card. If you change your mind, click the card again to remove its HELD status. Once you’ve chosen all cards to keep or discard, press the Deal button again.

You will now have 4 poker hands, all containing the cards you chose to hold onto, but with new cards replacing each discard. The individual poker hands are each dealt from their own randomly shuffled 52-card deck, thus it is possible to get the same card in two or more hands. Generally speaking, however, each hand will produce a different outcome.

One hand at a time is evaluated for a winning hand rank; in this case, a Pair of Jacks or Better. Any hand that ranks high enough will win the corresponding amount on the pay table. If no hands win, the full bet is lost and the game is over. If any of the hands do win, you will have the option of playing the Aces & Faces Power Poker “Double” feature, or simply click the “Collect” button to keep the winnings and end the game.

Aces & Faces Double Feature
When a player chooses to risk their winnings on a double-or-nothing bet, the screen changes to a 5-card game of high-low. The first card is exposed, the other four are hidden. To win, you must click any one of the hidden cards, which must rank higher than the first card. If your chosen card is higher, you successfully double your winnings. If not, the winnings are lost and the game screen returns to normal video poker mode.

Any time a player wins the Double feature, they are given the option to double their winnings again. Click Double to play another round of high-low, or Collect to keep the winnings.

Aces & Faces Power Poker Pay Table
Royal Flush
Bet 1: 500
Bet 2: 1000
Bet 3: 2000
Bet 4: 3000
Bet 5: 4000

Four Aces
Bet 1: 80
Bet 2: 160
Bet 3: 240
Bet 4: 320
Bet 5: 400

Straight Flush
Bet 1: 50
Bet 2: 100
Bet 3: 150
Bet 4: 200
Bet 5: 250

4 Jacks, Queens or Kings
Bet 1: 40
Bet 2: 80
Bet 3: 120
Bet 4: 160
Bet 5: 200

4 of a Kind (2’s thru 10’s)
Bet 1: 25
Bet 2: 50
Bet 3: 75
Bet 4: 100
Bet 5: 125

Full House
Bet 1: 8
Bet 2: 16
Bet 3: 24
Bet 4: 32
Bet 5: 40

Bet 1: 5
Bet 2: 10
Bet 3: 15
Bet 4: 20
Bet 5: 25

Bet 1: 4
Bet 2: 8
Bet 3: 12
Bet 4: 16
Bet 5: 20

3 of a Kind
Bet 1: 3
Bet 2: 6
Bet 3: 9
Bet 4: 12
Bet 5: 15
2 Pair
Bet 1: 2
Bet 2: 4
Bet 3: 6
Bet 4: 8
Bet 5: 10

Pair of Jacks or Better
Bet 1: 1
Bet 2: 2
Bet 3: 3
Bet 4: 4
Bet 5: 5