How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild is one of the most common video poker games in both land-based and live online casinos, not to be confused with its cousin, “Bonus” Deuces Wild. While these games use the same 52-card deck and feature deuces as wild cards, the difference lies within the pay table. The standard version of Deuces Wild does not award special payouts for specific hands, like a 5 of a Kind in Aces, or 4 Deuces plus an Ace. However, it doesn’t mean that Deuces Wild isn’t more appealing to some players. While the higher hand ranks don’t pay quite as well in this variation, the lower hands that are achieved more often – particularly the Straight and Full House – have better payouts.

Which game is best? That really depends on what kind of player you are. If you’re playing online video poker games in a casual manner, Deuces Wild is probably the best choice. If, on the other hand, you are a hard-core grinder of video poker games, your chances of hitting a higher ranking hand are better, thus Bonus Deuces Wild might be the better option.

The following rules and payouts apply specifically to Deuces Wild Video Poker games at Microgaming online casinos. Playing at a live casino, or an online casino powered by another software platform, may result in slight variations to the rules and/or pay table.

Let’s take a look at the basic screen options of Deuces Wild Video Poker.

Optional Coin Sizes: $.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5
Coins per Play: 1 to 5
Min / Max Bet: $0.25 / $25
Max Payout: 4000 Coins
Lowest Winning Hand: Any 3 of a Kind

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker
Easy to learn, and even easier to play; to get started with Deuces Wild Video Poker you will want to choose your coin size first. This is done by clicking the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. Now you will want to insert anywhere from 1 to 5 coins by clicking the Bet One button as many times as needed. To bet all 5 coins, press Bet Max and the cards will deal automatically. Otherwise, you will need to press the Deal button to get started.

You will be dealt 5 cards, all face-up. This is your starting hand. Please note that some cards may already have a HELD sign on them. You are NOT required to keep these cards. It is simply Microgaming’s way of helping novices apply strategy. The video poker game will only put a HELD lebel on the cards that have the best probability of developing a winning hand after the draw phase. You can change the status of any card, HELD or un-held, just by clicking on it.

When you are ready to proceed with the draw phase, click the Deal button. All cards labeled HELD will remain, and all others will be replaced with new cards to produce your final 5-card hand. Should this hand rank high enough to win, the pay table will highlight the amount won and corresponding hand rank. Your winnings are credited automatically. If the hand does not win, the bet is lost and you are ready to try again.

Whenever you win a hand of Deuces Wild Video Poker at a Microgaming online casino, you get the option to double your winning. To play a fast High-Low game for a chance to double your winnings, click the Double button. To decline the Double, keep your winnings and return to the main screen, press Collect.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Double Feature
The Deuces Wild Double feature is a simple High-Low game where you can either double your winnings, or lose it all, with the single click of a card. Five cards are dealt, but this time only the first card is exposed. You must beat this card by choosing one of the remaining cards. If the chosen card ranks higher than the first, you win double your original winnings. If not, you lose it all and return to the video poker main screen.

Whenever you win a Double game, you are asked if you want to double your winnings again. To give it another go, press Double, or click the Collect button to take the money and return to the standard Deuces Wild Video Poker game.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Pay Table
Natural Royal Flush
Bet 1: 250
Bet 2: 500
Bet 3: 750
Bet 4: 1000
Bet 5: 4000

4 Deuces
Bet 1: 200
Bet 2: 400
Bet 3: 600
Bet 4: 800
Bet 5: 1000

Royal Flush w/ Deuce(s)
Bet 1: 25
Bet 2: 50
Bet 3: 75
Bet 4: 100
Bet 5: 125

5 of a Kind
Bet 1: 16
Bet 2: 32
Bet 3: 48
Bet 4: 64
Bet 5: 80

Straight Flush
Bet 1: 13
Bet 2: 26
Bet 3: 39
Bet 4: 52
Bet 5: 65

4 of a Kind
Bet 1: 4
Bet 2: 8
Bet 3: 12
Bet 4: 16
Bet 5: 20

Full House
Bet 1: 3
Bet 2: 6
Bet 3: 9
Bet 4: 12
Bet 5: 15

Bet 1: 2
Bet 2: 4
Bet 3: 6
Bet 4: 8
Bet 5: 10

Bet 1: 2
Bet 2: 4
Bet 3: 6
Bet 4: 8
Bet 5: 10

3 of a Kind
Bet 1: 1
Bet 2: 2
Bet 3: 3
Bet 4: 4
Bet 5: 5