How to Play Super Jackpot Video Poker

Super Jackpots is a video poker game exclusive to CryptoLogic powered online casinos. There certainly may be other video poker variants of similar design and pay tables, and perhaps even some with the same name, but this guide relates specifically to the Super Jackpots Video Poker game found at online casinos that employ CryptoLogic software.

Super Jackpot is a progressive jackpot video poker game based on the exact same rules of Jacks or Better Video Poker, wherein the player is attempting to develop a hand that includes a Pair of Jacks, or anything better. Achieving the best possible hand – a Royal Flush – will award the progressive jackpot, but only if the player has inserted all 5 coins. Playing anything less than 5 coins will award a nice sum of credits, but not the progressive jackpot.

Super Jackpots Video Poker comes in two formats. One is a $0.25 version, the other a $1 version. Because it has a progressive jackpot, the amount a player is paying per coin must be pre-set. These are two separate games, thus the player cannot change the coin size within the game. To switch coin size, they must leave one version and load the other.

The progressive jackpot is linked across all CryptoLogic powered online casinos that carry the game. Every time someone plays the max 5 coins, a portion of the bet goes into the progressive jackpot, building exponentially until it is won.

Let’s take a look at the basic screen options of Super Jackpots Video Poker.

Optional Coin Sizes: $0.25 or $1
Coins per Play: 1 to 5
Min / Max Bet: $0.25 / $1.25 or $1 / $5
Max Payout: Progressive Jackpot
Lowest Winning Hand: Pair of Jacks or Better

How to Play Super Jackpots Video Poker
The coin size cannot be changed. Players can either choose to play the $0.25 version, or the $1 version of Super Jackpots Video Poker. You can bet anywhere form 1 to 5 coins, but keep in mind the only way to activate a possible release of the progressive jackpot is to play the maximum 5 coins. Pressing the Bet One button will insert one coin. Press again as needed to insert more coins, or press Bet Max to insert 5 coins and start the game. Otherwise, press Deal to start.

You are dealt a 5-card starting hand. From these five cards, you will choose which ones you wish to keep, and the ones you wish to discard. Clicking on a card, or the HOLD button below it, will produce a HELD symbol for that card. Any card with the HELD symbol on or below it will be kept. All others will be exchanged for new cards.

When ready, press the Deal button to replace all cards you don’t want with new cards, resulting in your final, 5-card poker hand. If this hand achieves a rank of at least a Pair of Jacks, or anything higher, you will win the corresponding prize on the pay table. If not, the bet is lost. If you happen to hit a Royal Flush, and have bet 5 coins, you win the progressive jackpot!

Super Jackpots Video Poker Pay Table

Royal Flush
Bet 1: 250
Bet 2: 500
Bet 3: 750
Bet 4: 1000
Bet 5: Progressive Jackpot

Straight Flush
Bet 1: 50
Bet 2: 100
Bet 3: 150
Bet 4: 200
Bet 5: 250

Four of a Kind
Bet 1: 25
Bet 2: 50
Bet 3: 75
Bet 4: 100
Bet 5: 125

Full House
Bet 1: 8
Bet 2: 16
Bet 3: 24
Bet 4: 32
Bet 5: 40

Bet 1: 5
Bet 2: 10
Bet 3: 15
Bet 4: 20
Bet 5: 25

Bet 1: 4
Bet 2: 8
Bet 3: 12
Bet 4: 16
Bet 5: 20

Three of a Kind
Bet 1: 3
Bet 2: 6
Bet 3: 9
Bet 4: 12
Bet 5: 15

Two Pair
Bet 1: 2
Bet 2: 4
Bet 3: 6
Bet 4: 8
Bet 5: 10

Pair of Jacks or Better
Bet 1: 1
Bet 2: 2
Bet 3: 3
Bet 4: 4
Bet 5: 5